Mission Statement

I hoard hobbies. In the past decade I’ve taken up drawing, guitar, programming, radio-controlled airplanes, Linux, cooking, bicycling, building computers, video games, web servers, civil war history, rats, web site design, writing music, 3d computer graphics, photography, microcontrollers, jogging, drumming, blogging, home studio recording, and more.

Two years ago I decided to narrow my focus to two things: making music, and programming. I’ve been drumming since middle school, and had learned to read music through piano lessons before that. Over the past five years I’ve put together a recording rig in my apartment with electric drums, guitars, a keyboard, and some microphones. I felt it was time to put more effort into learning to play guitar, as well as learn to properly record and mix music, which is why I chose to make this one of my two focuses.

Learning to program has been a life-long ambition. When I was very young I learned to write simple programs in QBasic, and moved on to Pascal and C over time. The ability to program has opened many doors for me throughout the years, but I’ve never been able to consider myself anything more than an ambitious amateur at it. In 2010 I bought The C Programming Language by K&R, and pushed hard. I chronicled my progress on the web: http://chrislearnsc.blogspot.com/.

This experience taught me that journaling the learning process greatly enhances my ability to retain information and allows me to improve faster. Life isn’t always kind to hobbies, so it’s necessary to be able to pick up where you left off weeks ago with minimal time spent re-learning what you’ve already gone through. For this reason I’ve decided to start an online journal that covers more than just my programming progress. I’d like to someday host this WordPress site on my own web server, but I’d like to wait six to twelve months to make sure I can keep up with it before committing the time and money to that.

So here goes this. I suspect that the majority of the posts will cover the hobbies I’m currently focused on, but if time allows I’ll branch out and revisit some of the hobbies I’ve abandoned due to real life getting in the way.

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