Guitar practice

I bought this guitar in high school and have yet to be any good. I’ve had “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness in my head for days so I pulled up a tab and decided to get some practice in during lunch.

This was also an excuse to get my recording gear (Line 6 Pod X3 Live) to work with my laptop. The recording was done in GarageBand, and the video was taken at the same time via iMovie. I removed the audio from the original track and replaced it with the recording in GarageBand using iMovie, which was an ordeal that I’ll rant about later.

One of the consequences of ditching the Windows drive on my desktop is that I lost access to the video editing software I’m most familiar with, Sony Vegas. I really wish they had an OS X port. iMovie is really bad, and the better video editing software on Mac is not cheap. I might break down and pick up Adobe Premiere Elements if it ever goes on sale. Fortunately my audio recording software of choice, Reaper, has an OS X version. It’s a bummer I don’t have a Linux-friendly recording interface. Ardour, a popular Linux DAW, looks like a lot of fun.

I’ll try to video record more of my practice sessions and see if I get any better with this song over time.

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