Temperature logger thoughts

Before all the serial communication tests started I wrote a lot of boilerplate framework code for a temperature logger. Nothing too major, just getting the GTK+/GDK and Cairo pieces into place for whenever I figure out serial communication. Now that I’ve got that handled I’m second guessing myself on how to organize the project.

Right now I have one header file with the function prototypes, and one .c file with all the functions written out. I really think I should split apart the serial communication and Cairo pieces into their own .c/.h files just for the sake of being modular and more organized. I’ve always been very nervous about how to organize projects. Most everything I do is real small < 100 lines of code, but now that (by virtue of GTK needing a lot of code just for simple stuff) I’m hitting the >100 range fast for every project I’m getting sensitive about organization.

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