I need new license plates… but how?

I got my vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail. It claims that I need new license plates:

“If the message ***NEW PLATES REQUIRED*** appears on the bottom part of this form, you MUST obtain new plates from your county tax office (by mail or in person).”

Ok well, I have that message on the bottom part of my form, but it doesn’t elaborate on how to get the plates. By mail how? In person where? Can I just roll up to a county tax office and get plates? None of the online resources mentioned in the form cover anything beyond getting specialty license plates.

I get super frustrated at things like this. I’m faced with having to take an unknown amount of time off of a work day to handle what I feel like is a meaningless bureaucratic gesture. License plates expire every 7 years? What a weird span of time. Why 7 and not 5 or 10? Why didn’t they mail them (since by mail is an option) with the form in the first place?

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