A few notes on compiling SFML on Ubuntu

I finally got around to updating my Ubuntu Linux box to 13.04, and now I want to do my SFML studies on it.

I wasn’t able to just download the SFML development binaries and header files and compile my test program because of some version mis-match between the SFML libraries and my existing libGLEW libraries. The error message I got when compiling my test program resembled the one here.

Compiling SFML from source is pretty straightforward, but here are a few notes I want to leave for myself in case I ever have to do this again on a new machine.

Dependencies I had to install:

  • Install cmake and cmake-gui
  • Install libglew1.5 (or whatever the latest version is)
  • Install libjpeg-dev
  • Install libopenal-dev
  • Install libsndfile-dev

Generate the make file, then make, make install. For some reason, despite defining an install directory in cmake, the header files and libraries get copied into /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib (which is convenient, just unexpected). I defined an install directory and the libraries got copied there, but not much else. Maybe I missed a step?

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