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Problems Re-sizing SFML RenderWindow

I’ve been using the newly-released SFML 2.0 as an excuse to learn C++. It’s been quite interesting. While messing around with the SFML graphics capabilities I found that I can’t seem to reliably re-size the SFML render window without the … Continue reading

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Hello, Kerbal!

The tutorials on the official Kerbal Space Program wiki for setting up Visual Studio and making a simple mod are a bit vague in some areas. Here’s my take on making a mod in Kerbal Space Program. Anyone that knows … Continue reading

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Binary blunder

Something I was trying to figure out at work resulted in writing a make sure I understood how to write an array of numbers to a file. When I loaded the file for viewing it would (in places) be total … Continue reading

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Speeding up my Project Euler 10 implementation with threads

My implementation of Project Euler 10 takes almost 25 minutes to complete. It’s a very naive attempt, and there is a great deal of optimization that needs to happen – particularly in the function I use to determine if a … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on instrument displays in FlightGear

I only have one PC monitor, but I have a tablet and a smartphone. Is there any way I could save monitor real estate in FlightGear by offloading the display of the most necessary flight instruments to a internet-capable device? … Continue reading

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Door number three

A third solution to the problem laid out in my last post is to stop doing two things at once. Right now I’m trying to create a graph structure from a 2d array and at the same time traverse the … Continue reading

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Making a graph data structure from an array

I think the problem I described yesterday is indeed a struggle with a graph data type. I’ve broken down the problem into something simple that demonstrates my larger test program’s problem. It’s all about knowing where you’ve been. I’ll illustrate … Continue reading

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Trying to get a grip on recursion and linked structures

My quest to solve the Colossal Cue Aventure’s third puzzle is taking me to the edge of my knowledge. The puzzle is basically all about finding a path through a set of rooms. I’m writing a test program to see … Continue reading

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My solution to the second Colossal Cue Adventure puzzle

A little bit of lunchtime coding. Oof, the source code formatting in WordPress is so bad. I guess my interspersed comments aren’t helping readability. Here’s a Gist: I used Python because it has .append() and .pop() for lists ready to … Continue reading

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My solution to the first Colossal Cue Adventure puzzle

I’m not a big fan of programming puzzles. They seem to be less about solving a puzzle and more about finding the exact trick the puzzle writer wants you to find. I love Project Euler for programming challenges because you aren’t trying … Continue reading

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