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Salsa, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Originally posted on Violetana:
I grew up eating my mom’s fresh salsa, or “pico de gallo,”  which I eventually started making myself.  Later, though I wanted to venture out, and after discovering the wonderfulness that is roasted tomatoes, made some…

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Some thoughts on instrument displays in FlightGear

I only have one PC monitor, but I have a tablet and a smartphone. Is there any way I could save monitor real estate in FlightGear by offloading the display of the most necessary flight instruments to a internet-capable device? … Continue reading

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Converting pixel coordinates to graph coordinates

I’ve been working out how to plot functions on a 2d graph, like you’d see on a graphing calculator. My pixel plotting function only understands discrete pixel coordinates, but a 2d graph can be any arbitrary ranges of x and … Continue reading

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Yesterday I posted about four nearly identical functions that I thought could (and should) be reduced to just one somehow. Reducing it to one would be far less code to maintain if I find a faster way of doing it, … Continue reading

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Trying to get back into it

I spent all of August getting settled into the new place. Now that I’m settled in I’m hoping to get back into the habit of journaling my hobby efforts. Lately I’ve been puttering around with Python+OpenCV. I mentioned in my … Continue reading

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Arch Linux and the Dell Mini 9

I bought a Dell Mini 9 a few years ago because I was wishy-washy about buying a laptop. It was on sale, and could be shipped with Ubuntu already installed. This was right when I decided to dedicate all of … Continue reading

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Windows update broke?

This is a new one. I had to put the Windows rig back together (sacrificing my Linux rig) so that the wife could do some stuff. Since it had not been up since April I decided to update Windows. I … Continue reading

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