Control a power strip with an Arduino

I’m running some tests at the office that require cycling the power to a device. After spending a few days doing this manually by flipping the switch on a power strip, I started searching for a better way.

Some Googling revealed the IoT Power Relay made by a company called Digital Loggers.

It’s got a +/- screw terminal on the side (the green part) that can be connected directly to an Arduino digital output and ground. Raise the Arduino output high, and two plugs turn on while two others turn off. Perfect!


I control the output on the Arduino through a program that handles all of the test (logging, etc). The Arduino sits in a loop waiting for serial input. If the Arduino program sees “A” come across the serial line from my testing program on the PC, it raises the output high, powering off my device that is plugged it into the “Normally ON” plug. Four seconds later, the Arduino output is set low, powering my device back on.

Pretty slick. I’m glad it worked – Plan B was to hot glue some servos to my power strip to toggle the power switch!

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  1. Christian Demers says:

    An SSD relay can also be an option

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