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Mojo Frankenstein

I haven’t touched this site in a while, but for a very good reason! I’ve spent all my hobby time getting into shape and practicing so that I could do this: I’ve played with these guys before, and it’s always … Continue reading

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Interfacing a Line 6 Pod X3 Live to Reaper in OS X

Getting the drivers installed and having Reaper recognize my Pod X3 Live as the recording interface was easy. Translating the two stereo inputs on the X3 to available lines to record in Reaper isn’t straightforward. The X3 is pretty neat. … Continue reading

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Guitar practice

I bought this guitar in high school and have yet to be any good. I’ve had “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness in my head for days so I pulled up a tab and decided to get some … Continue reading

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