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Valve Trouble

It rained real hard Tuesday night. Wednesday morning at about 5am I’m stumbling in my kitchen trying to make coffee and I hear a hissing noise outside. “Hah”, I says to myself, “my neighbors are watering their lawn on an … Continue reading

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Summer Plans

My involvement with Mojo Frankenstein is taking up all my hobby energy lately. We’ve been at it for about a year now and have gigs booked on over half the weekends through the summer (and growing). I’ve been doing just … Continue reading

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Removing zeros from a Python tuple

I’ve been working with Python’s ctypes module to shuttle data back and forth with a Windows .dll. One of the arrays the .dll fills is pre-allocated, but not necessarily all used. So I’ll wind up with a tuple like this: … Continue reading

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Win32 and SFML noodling

I ran into a problem that I thought would be best solved by combining a prior UI framework and SFML. There are a zillion reasons you’d want to do this – if you need any kind of UI element (button, … Continue reading

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Initializing a C++ class with a reference to another class

I’ve been working on a small game that has a Player class and a Render class. The Render class needs to know about the Player class so that it can draw the player in the right spot. My first pass … Continue reading

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I was so surprised that this worked that I actually jumped out of my chair. When I hold down the “A” key the line rotates counter-clockwise around the blue circle (like a clock hand). I spent ages working this out … Continue reading

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Moving Around

I was thinking about Command & Conquer this morning, and realized that there’s a very simple feature in that game that I couldn’t work out in my head how to do myself: click on a location on the screen and … Continue reading

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